BC Coastal Soccer League


The League Championships (LC) are a competition for all U13 through U18 Division 2 and 3 teams.

A few important guidelines to know for the LC:

* Using the fall standings for Div 2 + 3 groups, the LC playoff groups were formed starting from the top of Div 2 and taking the first 6 teams to form a group, and so on from Div 2 through Div 3. Where numbers were odd, groups of 4 or 5 might have been needed to form groups. Groups of 5 or 6 teams will play 5 round robin games, and the groups of 4 will play 6 round robin games. After round robin play is complete, the top two teams will play off for the League Championship Final.

* The overall dates of play are listed on the calendar page of the BCCSL website, but the last weekend for LC games is Feb 21-23. If an uneven number of games are played (due to field closures/weather), points per game (PPG) will be used to determine final standings. The Finals (top two teams) will be hosted by the higher seeded team on the February 29-March 1 weekend. We've left the March 7/8 weekend as the last possible weekend of LC finals play if weather is bad on the previous weekend, but no games will be played past the March 7/8 weekend as that's considered the final weekend of the BCCSL season.

* For LC discipline, the BCCSL manager will be receiving referee reports as usual, and will contact teams directly in case of required player or coach suspensions. Referees are still to report all dicsipline in the BC Soccer discipline system.

* The winning team of the LC Finals will receive the championship banner, and the finalist will receive a finalist banner.

* Due to issues we had with the Stack scheduling system over the last few months, the BCCSL staff and board felt it was necessary to ensure a solid scheduling platform was utilized for these games. We are lucky to have a solid platform owned/developed by our League Scheduler (Gordon Quan), so you'll need to go to an external page link below to view schedules.

* The HOME team is to report scores by Monday at 9pm after each weekend of play, using the link below.

* As virtual ID cards were only able to be used in the Stack system, all players/staff for LC play need to have hard copy ID cards for presentation to the Referee. Cards can be printed from the Stack system if you were using virtual cards in the fall, just contact the league to set up.

* Players can be brought up to LC games using the league's FRP process as with league games. Those players should have their ID cards present and need to be added to your game rosters.

* District Schedulers have been given log-in access to edit their home games with fields/times, and they are undertaking this process now. So if you are missing game info, please contact your club scheduler who can confirm its entry with the district scheduler.

The SCHEDULES are here: https://bccsl.qscriptor.com/

The SCORE ENTRY page is here: https://bccsl.qscriptor.com/league-championships/games-score-entry/

Rosters for League Championships are not from the Stack Sports site, they are here for you to print:

Excel version PDF version