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BCCSL Team Submission Updates for the 2018-19 Season

July 24, 2018

The BCCSL would like to thank the member districts and their clubs for the work on submitting teams so far. 

We would like to confirm a few updates with regards to timelines leading up to the 2018-19 season:

* METRO DIVISION - Teams were accepted in May, and the schedule will be public August 1

* DIVISIONS 1 + 2 - Teams were accepted by mid July, and the schedule will be public August 20

* DIVISION 3 - The team submission date has been extended to August 3.  This was due to requests from members to ensure teams weren't missed that were still being formed in mid July.  After August 3, teams will NOT be accepted unless scheduling can accommodate their inclusion.  There is no guarantee of acceptance after August 3, so please ensure teams are submitted on time.  The Division 3 schedule will be public August 20.

** These are league deadlines, however member districts may have their own earlier district deadlines so they may meet league timelines **

As for the start to the season, we'd also like to confirm a couple dates that were agreed by the BCCSL board:

* SEPTEMBER 7-9 - Opening weekend for Metro and Divisions 1 + 2

* SEPTEMBER 14-16 - Opening weekend for Division 3

The BCCSL website has a "calendar" page where all pertinent calendar information is posted.

If there are any questions relating to the above info, please email admin@bccysl.ca 

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