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Zero Tolerance on Racial Slurs

December 17, 2017


Having received two complaints in the last week of alleged racial comments, this notice serves as a reminder that racial commentary must be dealt with immediately by the team officials.

The BCCSL Guide states that the onus is on everyone to put an immediate stop to any racial slurs or derogatory commenting.

The BC Soccer Discipline Sanctions state:
(Players who are) Dismissed or reported by a game official or other registrant for racist or sexist comments made during the game or in the vicinity of the playing field either during or after the game – may be levied a 2–6 game suspension.

Team officials must take an active role in maintaining discipline on the sidelines and controlling not only themselves but their parents, fans and substitute players. Team officials will be held responsible for activities on the sidelines. Team officials can be disciplined for Failure to Control.

Investigation: Each complaint is dealt with on a case-by-case process with responses being requested from the referee and both teams.

Having said this, the League is not pleased with having received one complaint, let alone two and strongly urge the Districts and Clubs to send this notice to their teams.

Submitted by Jackie Larson on behalf of the BCCSL Discipline Committee

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